Sounds of Mongolia

24 Nov 2018 (Sat), 8pm
SCO Concert Hall


Conductor: Moses Gay

Morin Khuur: Jinshan Alatengwula

Cello: Tang Jia

Gallant Steed / Tang Jian Ping

Grasslands Fantasia / Li Cang Sang

Cello Concerto: Gada Meilin / by Wang Qiang

Morin Khuur Concerto: Morin Khuur Concerto / Wang Jue

Beautiful Horqin Grassland / Zhang Han Shu

Experience the vast beauty of Mongolia through the sound of the legendary Morin Khuur. Under the baton of Assistant Conductor Moses Gay, renowned Mongolian Morin Khuur master, Jinshan Alatengwula, will perform this ancient instrument with the  Morin Khuur Concerto with SCO. The famous story of Inner Mongolian hero Gada Meilin, who led a failed rebellion against Chinese warlord’s cultivation of pastureland, will be performed by SCO cello associate principal Tang Jia.