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**COVID-19 update from Ministry Of Education (25/3): The Sheng lessons are now available only for adults. Find out more here.**

Instrument description

The sheng (also spelt as cheng in Encyclopædia Britannica ) is a Chinese mouth-blown free reed instrument consisting of vertical pipes. It is a polyphonic instrument and enjoys an increasing popularity as a solo instrument.It is one of the oldest Chinese instruments, with images depicting its kind dating back to 5000 BCE,[1] and there are actual instruments from the Han era that have been preserved today.


Sheng Lesson

Join a wide variety of sheng lessons, ranging from individual lessons to group lessons. Our experienced teachers teach classical sheng music as well as pop sheng music. Students who wish to learn for leisure need not take grading exams. However if you would like to take sheng grading exams we teach both syllabuses from NTU and NAFA. From beginners to advanced players, we will surely have something for you.  Contact us today!

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