Emilea Teo

Zhongruan Teacher - Emileo TeoEMILEA TEO started learning the piano at a young age, but eventually fell in love with the music of the Chinese Orchestra. She mainly plays the ruan, but frequently doubles up on the liuqin and sanxian as well.

As a collaborative ruan musician, she has performed with various local ensembles such as the Ding Yi Music Company and the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO), where she currently holds the position of the Principal Ruan musician. She was one of three Singaporean representatives for the 2016 Hong Kong Youth Music Camp, and has performed in China (Beijing, Shanghai), Macau, Taiwan (Hsinchu, Taipei) in various festivals as well.

Emilea is a final year student in the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, where she majors in Music and Society on a full scholarship. Her current research has a focus on music education and how various pedagogical methods affect students’ experiences in school Chinese Orchestra CCAs, with the hope that it will let her understand how to be a better teacher.

In addition to the standard Ruan repertoire and playing in Chinese Orchestras, Emilea enjoys learning more about other musical cultures as well– she is well versed in the piano and western music theory, does musical improvisation, and plays jazz too (yes, on the Ruan!). She is a part of the experimental Chinese fusion band PB&J, where they explore new sounds to create warm, fuzzy, and heartfelt music. She has a background in audio recording, with experience doing numerous recordings in classical, jazz, and pop music, and has worked on recordings with groups such as the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

All students are individuals who learn in their own unique ways, and Emilea’s teaching philosophy guides her to ensure that all her students are able to translate their lessons into something that’s meaningful to them.

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