Chinese Pop Instrumental

Fancy playing your favourite movie soundtracks, movie themes, and Chinese pop songs on the Chinese Instrument of your choice? Join our Pop Music Course, for adults and youths.

During your lessons, you will get to learn various techniques to improve your playing, scales and etudes to get you the basic technical ability to control your instrument. Read music and train your hearing so as to differentiate better the nuances in the music

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No Music Background Needed

Even with no musical background, our pop music course will equip you with the essential technical skills on the various Chinese Instruments, through our Pop-based course material and specially tailored curriculum to play your favourite pieces.

Simple Notation, Go Straight To The Music

We believe that learning Chinese pop songs/movie soundtracks is not just about reading scores.  When learning Chinese instruments, one need not learn how to read stave notation which is a must for any western instrument. Chinese instrumentation scores uses numerals eg; (1,2,3,4, etc,) which you are surely familiar with? We will teach you the necessary techniques in which you can apply immediately to your favourite pop songs.

Bring Out Your Own Musical Sense

When singing your favourite tunes, movie themes, movie soundtrack, you are be able to phrase and sing without any assistance.  You too can do so on your choice of Chinese instrument as well! During your lesson, we will improve your intonation, pitching and rhythm. Our dedicated team of teachers will bring out the musicality in you, as you embark on your beautiful route to learning music.

Have A Piece Of Music You Fancy?

If you hear a soundtrack, movie themes, English/Chinese pop song title that you like, or have a move soundtrack that grabs your attention. Do let your teacher know during your lessons. Our teachers will be able to source the music scores for you. Alternatively, if you have song you like but do not have the scores for you instrument, our instructors will be able to transcribe it for you.

Its Time To Get Creative!

Play your music in the style that you want. Do covers of your favourite pop songs, movie theme songs the way you want it. At Eight Tones Music, our teachers will not limit the way you would like to express your own music. But instead guide you into bringing out your own music. Try writing your music and getting our teachers to help you play! Learn music now in a fun and interesting manner.

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