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**COVID-19 update from Ministry Of Education (25/3): The Pipa lessons are now available only for adults. Find out more here.**

The pipa (Chinese: 琵琶) is a four-stringed Chinese musical instrument, belonging to the plucked category of instruments. Sometimes called the Chinese lute, the instrument has a pear-shaped wooden body with a varying number of frets ranging from 12 to 26.

Why Learn Pipa?

  • Distinct sounding instrument
  • Many different finger techniques
  • Portable instrument
  • Good for solo and also found in orchestras

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Pipa Lessons Description

Join our Pipa courses, designed to cater to musicians of all ages. Master the essential techniques of playing the Pi pa, through utilizing original pipa course materials and a syllabus put together by our qualified instructors.

*Trial lessons is chargeable at $40

Let our instructors guide you through a musical journey with our wide repertoire of different Chinese music tunes even if you are a beginner with no prior background in Chinese music. Students who wish to learn for leisure need not take Pipa grading exams. However if you would like to take Pipa grading exams we teach both syllabuses from Confucius Academy – NTU and NAFA – Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing.

In this fun and relaxing group environment, you will get to learn basic bowing techniques, etudes and melodies. Contact us today!

Pipa Lesson

Individual lessons starting from
SGD 40 Per lesson
  • Grading Exams Preparations
  • DSA Preparations
  • Traditional / Pop Music
Click here for the full rate chart. Other Chinese instrumental lessons are available as well, click here to have a look.


The below is based on NAFA (CCOM) Instrumental Pipa Examination (click here for the NTU – TENG examination structure)

Grade 1 – 工农一家人, 孟姜女, 银绞丝, 小十面, 老六板 (加花)

Grade 2 – 旱天雷, 茉莉花, 老花六板, 小月儿高, 紫竹调, 三六

Grade 3 – 小猫钓鱼, 迎春舞曲, 马兰开花, 绣罗裙, 一枝梅, 阳春曲 (传统古曲,版本不限)


Grade 4 – 大浪淘沙, 欢乐的日子, 飞花点翠, 送我一枝玫瑰花, 彩云追月

Grade 5 – 彝族舞曲, 昭君出塞, 天山之春, 赶花会, 寒鸦戏水

Grade 6 – 唱支山歌给党听, 高山流水, 歌舞引, 火把节之夜

Grade 7 – 虚籁, 远方的客人请你留下來, 江南三月, 新翻羽调绿腰

Grade 8 –  渭水情, 春雨, 霸王卸甲(传统古曲, 版本不限), 塞上曲 . 思春(传统古曲, 版本不限)

Grade 9 –  草原英雄小姐妹, 诉—讀白居易《琵琶行》有感, 龍船 (可从出版的三种版本中择一演奏), 十面埋伏 (传统古曲,版本不限)

Diploma – 狼牙山五壮士, 陈隋, 海青拿天鹅

Pipa Lessons and Instrument Bundle

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Our Pipa teacher

At Eight Tones Music, our Pipa classes are offered individually for a more focused, flexible pace of learning.

However, we do have Pipa group lessons to keep things economical. We keep our pipa group classes size small, allowing the instructor to have more attention for each student. Try out our pipa group lesson today by contacting us.

Embark on your exciting musical journey with and meet different people from different walks of life but with the same passion of learning the Pipa.

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