Liuqin Lessons

**COVID-19 update from Ministry Of Education (25/3): The Liuqin lessons are now available only for adults. Find out more here.**

Instrument description

The liuqin (Chinese: 柳琴) is a four-stringed Chinese mandolin with a pear-shaped body. It is small in size, almost a miniature copy of another Chinese plucked musical instrument, the pipa. The range of its voice is much higher than the pipa, and it has its own special place in Chinese music, whether in orchestral music or in solo pieces.


Liuqin Lesson

Join a wide variety of liuqin lessons, ranging from individual lessons to group lessons. Our experienced teachers teach classical liu qin music as well as pop liuqin music. Students who wish to learn for leisure need not take grading exams. However if you would like to take liuqin grading exams we teach both syllabuses from Teng – NTU Confucious Academy and Central Conservatory – NAFA. From beginners to advanced players, we will surely have something for you.  Contact us today!

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