Introductory Workshop to Chinese Music – January 2020

Are you unsure if you can play a Chinese Instrument? Or, torn between which Chinese instrument you want learn first?

If so, this music workshop is perfect for you! We would introduce the Erhu, Guzheng, Dizi, Pipa, Zhong Ruan, all in a single session, and you would even get to try them out yourself! 

At the end of the music workshop, you will be able to decide which instruments suit you best.

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Event Details

Date: 11th January 2020
Time: 2pm-3:30pm
Venue: Eight Tones Music School
465 North Bridge Road #02-5039
Price: $11.46

What To Expect

In this FUN and INTERACTIVE 90 minutes workshop you will be exposed to various Chinese instruments such as the erhu, guzheng, dizi, ruan and pipa.

There will be a brief introduction on the playing techniques as well as the history of each instrument. After which you would be able to try out the instruments for yourself! Our instructors will guide you along, with some assistance you might be able to play a tune or two!

Feel free to ask questions and share your opinions anytime during the workshop! Our knowledgeable instructors would most definitely be able to answer your queries.

Towards the end of the music workshop, you will be treated to a performance by Deborah Siok (National Chinese Music Competition Erhu Open Category First Prize Winner), our series of workshops held every month would feature a different teacher playing a different Chinese instrument.

You can sign up for our various Chinese instrumental lessons at the end of the music workshop, our friendly staff and teachers will assist you in registering for the instrumental lesson of your interest.

chinese orchestra instruments workshop performance

Who Is This For?

This engaging and interactive music workshop is for everyone who has just the slightest interest in Chinese music, from children 6 years old and above to mature adults, we encourage all who are interested to join us. Children under the age of 6 is required to be accompanied by a parent.

However if you already know which instrument you want to learn, sign up for a trial lesson here.

The workshop will be conducted in English as well as Mandarin.

Our Chinese Instrumental Workshop with the Stamford American International School Singapore at Eight Tones Music School

Why Learn Chinese Instruments?

Ever wanted to play in a Chinese orchestra? By taking lessons with us, it would improve technique and musicality for a more enjoyable orchestra experience.

Play your favourite pop music and even your favourite movie/drama theme songs on the instrument of your choice. Choose from our extensive score library and learn from our friendly and experienced teachers. You can join our Pop musical instrument lessons to learn more!

Gain a sense of achievement when you are able to play a new tune/song on the instrument you love. And if you would like to, participate in our annual student concert, where our students come together to showcase their progress and prepare for the optional Chinese music examinations.

Benefits Of Learning

Learning a musical instrument can help to develop the connection between left and right brain because each hand is doing something different from the other.

  • Improves Memory and Attention Span Sight reading and learning new songs will engage parts of your brain which control one’s attention span, ability to make predictions and improve memory retention. 
  • Improves Cognitive skills There are more than 40 notes on the Erhu with numerous rhythmic patterns. A variety of brain functions are utilised, resulting in an improvement of concentration, making learning easier. This helps in the development of cognitive skills.
  • Improves Analytical skills During your Erhu lesson, you will learn how to sight-read quickly as well as listen and organise information, which encourages problem solving. One’s analytical and reading skills improve as a result.
  • Improves your motor-skills and strengthen hand eye coordination.
  • Relieves stress by expressing your emotions musically.

Why Choose Us?

Eight Tones Music School is the only music school to host such a public workshop whereby you get to try and have a hands-on experience with Chinese Instruments.  

With a wealth of teaching experience in Singapore, our teachers have been trained to conduct fun and engaging lessons and will bring you to greater heights.

Eight Tones Music School is well – equipped to meet every musician’s need. Our studios are acoustically optimised for the best acoustics to bring out the best tones in your Erhu. For you to enjoy your lesson thoroughly, The School is well equipped with specialised teaching materials and its own score library for you to find your favourite scores.

Eight Tones is pleased to announce that students enrolled in our classes have a 100% Grading examination pass rate. With classes available throughout the week, our students leave happy and satisfied, well aware of their weekly progress.

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