Cen Haishan

Guzheng Teacher Cen Hai Shan in concert playing guzheng

Cen Haishan is a registered AMIS Guzheng teacher with the Ministry of Education (MOE). She is a graduate of China Conservatory of Music 中国 音乐学院 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance (Guzheng). She is also a member of the Guzheng Association Singapore since its founding in 2015. (click here for full CV)

HaiShan is a highly experienced Guzheng teacher, with over 18 years of experience in music education and performance, both as a soloist and orchestra musician. 

She is familiar with the music education system in Singapore having taught all levels from Primary to JC, and is able to adapt teaching methodologies to students of varying aptitude. Haishan has also been invited to be on the panel of adjudicators for the National Music Camp (Primary and Secondary level), jointly organised by MOE and Singapore Chinese Orchestra in 2009. She teaches and communicates effectively in both English and Mandarin, for children, youths, and adult learners.

Her other identities include being a certified Yoga teacher and Taiji instructor. She is a practitioner and lineage disciple of Nam Wah Wu Tu Nan Taijigong.


HaiShan has performed in a number of guzheng and chamber music concerts in Singapore since her return from the China Conservatory of Music in 2007. These include the concert In Memory of Professor Qiu Da Cheng, chamber music series Global Interplay: A Collection of Chinese Chamber Works, Liu Xing: Singapore Management University Arts Festival 2009 by the Teng Company. She has also recorded for Iskandar Ismail for Singapore’s Chingay Parade 2009 and is currently on the panel of adjucators for the Ministry of Education Music Camp which is jointly conducted by Singapore Chinese Orchestra. HaiShan has even held her own solo recital: Kaleidoscope A Musical Journey of Doris Cen 百花筝艳 at the Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore.

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