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**COVID-19 update from Ministry Of Education (25/3): The Guzheng lessons are now available only for adults. Find out more here.**

Guzheng is a popular instrument at Eight Tones Music School. Melodious with fluid lines and natural forms, the Guzheng is able to produce a magnificent sound when played. Our experienced teachers will help you to progress in your musical journey with the Guzheng. Your teacher will evaluate and draw up a curriculum especially just for you, no prior background is needed for you to start Guzheng lessons. Over time, you will be able to play advanced pieces with ease.

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What Is The Guzheng?

The guzheng (Chinese: 古箏), dates back to the 6th century. Modern day Guzhengs have 21 strings and is 165cm in length. Also known as the Chinese zither, it is a long rectangular box with strings across it and 1 bridge for each corresponding string. Players wear artificial nails to pluck the strings of the Guzheng, therefore producing music. The strings are made of steel, with Nylon wound around it. The Guzheng is not to be confused with the Guqin, which is smaller at 110cm and has 7 strings and no bridges.

Why Learn Guzheng?

  • Relatively easier to start learning
  • Able to play chords
  • Can form Guzheng ensembles
  • Beautiful instrument designs

Our Guzheng Teachers

With plenty of experience teaching the Guzheng, our Singaporean teachers are able to conduct lessons in an interactive and conducive environment.

You will learn proper hand postures and shape, train each and every individual finger to be independent and agile so as to produce a crisp and bell like tone. During your Guzheng lesson at Eight Tones Music School, your teacher will help you to master the music piece of choice. At Eight Tones Music School, we understand your concerns and our local Singaporean teachers are here to help address them. Hailing from a prestigious lineage, we have teachers who are students of Yin Qun, Xu Hui and Tan Soon Boon.

*Trial lesson is chargeable one-time at $40

Teaching Methods/Pedagogy

At Eight Tones Music School, our teachers are able to work with students of varying abilities. We take pride in teaching and ensure every student leaves each lesson with a sense of fulfilment. Be it for leisure, learning the basics, building a solid foundation or intensive examinations preparations, we are the music school of choice.

Our teachers are well equipped to teach students of varying abilities and ages. We are able to teach for the following purposes: leisure, foundation building and examination preparation. You will leave each lesson more confident than the previous week.

Guzheng can be taught at your pace. Guzheng is taught not only as a traditional Chinese music, but can be used to play pop music too.

You do not need to have any musical background to take up Guzheng lessons. Our teachers will groom you to have a good grounding, so as to take your Guzheng playing to higher levels.

You will be taught the right techniques and inculcate good playing habits while preparing for your exam. Conquer stage fright and learn how to avoid common mistakes during examination.

Guzheng Instructors Write-up

Guzheng Lesson

Individual lessons starting from
SGD 40 Per lesson
  • Grading Exams Preparations
  • DSA Preparations
  • Traditional / Pop Music
Click here for the full rate chart. Other Chinese instrumental lessons are available as well, click here to have a look.

Why Choose Us?

All our students pass the Chinese Music Examinations at Eight Tones Music School. Guzheng lessons are conducted daily and our teachers are trained to teach interesting and interactive lessons. With a wealth of teaching experience in Singapore, our local teachers will push you to greater heights.

We understand that hectic work life may sometimes impede your lesson timing. We have many time slots available for rescheduling. In the event you are unable to come for your Guzheng lesson, do let us know in advance.

With a well thought out design, our guzheng studios have ample sound proofing to provide optimal listening pleasure. Each studio is air conditioned and well-furnished to ensure you are comfortable. We have plenty of teaching resources and a large collection of music scores for your learning.

Centrally located, we are a three minute walk away from Lavender MRT. You can reach the school via the Expressways. (Nicoll Highway, Marine Coast Expressway, East Coast Parkway, Ayer Rajah Expressway and Central Expressway)

Guzheng Lessons and Instrument Bundle

Guzheng Lessons Bundle

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Performance Opportunities

There are annual student performance concerts, where you will have the opportunity to perform and mingle with other Guzheng students. Expect an exchange of skills, interactions and musicality. Such opportunities allow students to perform in front of an audience and overcome stage fright. Performance opportunities are a chance for you to showcase your Guzheng playing. It is not compulsory and students may volunteer if they wish to perform.

On Your First Guzheng Lesson

Our teacher will discuss your goals and expectations with you.
Design a suitable curriculum, be it for leisure, foundation building or examinations.

If you do not have an instrument and would like to purchase from us, our teacher will help you to pick a guzheng which is most suited to you.

Our Guzheng teacher will discuss your goals and expectations with you. If you would like to expand your repertoire, build on your foundation amongst many others, our teachers will design a suitable course curriculum for you.

Benefits Of Guzheng Lessons

  • Improves Memory and Attention Span Parts of your brain will be engaged to when you play the Guzheng. One’s attention span and memory improve as a result. Read more here.
  • Stimulates creativity Expect creativity levels to increase due to brain stimulation over time. Creativity is seen as a key competency in the 21st century, being the driving force behind innovation in key areas of science and technology. To learn more, click here.
  • Improves Analytical skills During your Guzheng lesson, you will simultaneously be reading scores, listening to your playing and reorganising information. Analytical and reading skills will improve over time. 


The NAFA (CCOM) Instrumental Guzheng Exam (click here for the NTU – TENG examination structure)

Grade 1 – 小鸟朝凤, 关山月, 十杯酒 (轻六调), 二十五板, 小开手, 上楼, 千声佛

Grade 2 – 画眉跳架 (重六调)  二十四板, 西江月 (又名《一点红》) (轻六调) 二十八板, 凤翔歌, 西厢词, 蝶恋花, 三十三板

Grade 3 – 汉宫秋月, 绣金匾, 渔舟唱晚, 灯月交辉(又名《刺绣鞋》), 柳青娘 (轻六调)三十板, 河南八板 (又名《天下大同》)

Grade 4 – 浪淘沙, 狮子戏球 (重六调) 四十板, 浏阳河, 纺织忙, 高山流水

Grade 5 – 洞庭新歌, 云庆, 山丹丹开花红艳艳, 瑶族舞曲, 高山流水

Grade 6 – 丰收锣鼓, 苏武思乡, 春到拉萨, 香山射鼓, 庆丰年

Grade 7 – 高山流水, 秦桑曲, 蕉窗夜雨, 战台风

Grade 8 – 雪山春晓, 陈杏元和番, 寒鸦戏水 (重六调) 六十八板, 东海渔歌

Grade 9 –  草原英雄小姐妹, 将军令, 林冲夜奔, 幸福渠水到俺村

Diploma – 春到湘江, 情景三章, 幻想曲, 长安八景

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, click here

Yes, you can learn the Guzheng without a musical background. Our teachers will teach you how to read scores and basic techniques. You will be able to perform solo performances and prepare for examinations, depending on your needs

We have Guzheng students who are of retirement age and are successful players of the Guzheng. To learn more, feel free to conduct our friendly staff.

We have many timeslots available. However, most students come for lesson once a week. You may schedule frequent lessons or for longer periods if you require.

Individual Guzheng lessons are recommended, where it is 1 student – 1 teacher. This is to ensure you have quality lessons and a curriculum catered just for you.  

Lessons can be taught individually or in groups of not more than 4. However, the groups have to be formed on your own, with a minimum of 2 students.

Our teachers are able to speak both English and Mandarin proficiently.

You will be taught by the same Guzheng teacher from beginning till end. However, in the event you request to change teachers, this can be done.

Yes, our teachers can teach both English and Chinese pop songs. However, do let us know in advance so our teachers can prepare the necessary teaching materials.

You can purchase an instrument at our school. Based on your needs, budget and physiology, our teacher will be able to pick out a suitable one for you.

Trial Guzheng lessons are offered one time per instrument and to be paid after lesson. If you are unavailable to come for trial lesson, you have to inform the school within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in a prepaid trial lesson for your next booking.

Click here for more information about our trial lessons

The mode of payment we accept are cash, NETS, cheque, PayNow and bank transfer

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