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**COVID-19 update from Ministry Of Education (25/3): The Erhu lessons are now available only for adults. Find out more here.**

Erhu lessons are ranked as the top 3 most popular lessons at Eight Tones Music School. Heart wrenching notes of the Erhu has the ability to touch the hearts of many. It’s warm and beautiful tones allow an expression of different moods and emotions with the Erhu. When played properly the sound of Erhu can be smooth, sweet and melancholic.

Our committed team of teachers will guide you in your Erhu learning journey. No prior music background is needed. Upon completion of your first Erhu lesson, your teacher will draw up a specialised curriculum, help you to set goals and achievable targets. With time, you can expect to expand your repertoire and play your favourite tunes effortlessly!

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What Is The Erhu? 

The Erhu (Chinese: 二胡) is a Chinese two-stringed fiddle which first made its appearance in the Tang Dynasty. In the 1920’s, the Erhu took the modern form we know today; a drum with strings strung over it and played using a bow. It is a member of the Huqin family, which refers to all Chinese bow stringed instruments, including the Jinghu, Cantonese Gaohu, Banhu amongst many others. In today’s Chinese orchestra, the most commonly played instruments are the Erhu, Gaohu and Zhonghu.

Why Learn Erhu?

  • Sweet sounding instrument
  • Versatile with all notes within its range
  • Portable instrument
  • Very suitable to play as a group in a quartet, quintet etc

Our Erhu Teachers

Our Singaporean Erhu teachers are well trained to conduct Erhu lessons in a fun and engaging environment. With a wealth of experience playing and teaching the Erhu, we are able to customise lessons to provide you with a unique structure catering to your ability and needs. Most of the lessons are conducted one-to-one, if you would like to keep learning economical, you can consider signing up for our Erhu Group Lessons.

Hailing from a prestigious lineage, they are students of Zhang Yuming, a first-grade performer in China and Li Baoshun, Singapore Chinese Orchestra’s concert master.

*Trial lessons are chargeable one-time at $40

Our teachers are adept with Erhu knowledge, and are in the best position to advice on the Erhu for you. They would be able to tell the difference between woods, snakeskin and their various grades, so as to advise on purchasing an Erhu best suited for you.

Taken a liking to a particular piece? Our teachers will help you learn the score and play the piece. We were once students like you, we understand your needs and are here to assist and help.

What Students Are Saying

Teaching Methods/Pedagogy

Our teachers are able to work with students of all ages and abilities, be it Adult or Children. We take pride in teaching and ensure every student leaves each lesson with a sense of fulfilment. Be it for leisure, learning the basics, building a solid foundation or intensive examinations preparations, we are the place to learn!

With Erhu, expect to be taught proper bowing techniques, in order to receive a clean and clear sound. When you are taught good bowing techniques, there will not be any creaking/croaking noises. You will be taught proper fingering techniques, e.g. how to cradle the Erhu and play using your fingertips. Good technique is vital and is the base to excel with the Erhu.

We teach at your pace. Did we mention we teach pop music too? Erhu is a great way for you to destress and unwind after a long day. Its mellow tones are soothing to the ears and heart-warming.

If you have no musical foundation in any instruments, fret not. Our teachers are able to help you build a solid foundation so as to take your musical journey to greater heights. We have Erhu students in their 60’s and 70’s who have made great progress and successfully learnt how to play the Erhu well. With a good foundation, rest assured for you do not need to worry about fundamental errors as you progress further.

Right techniques and good playing habits are important  for your exam. Our lessons will help you learn how to avoid common mistakes made during examinations.

Write-up Of Our Teachers

Erhu Lessons

Individual lessons starting from
SGD 40 Per lesson
  • Grading Exams Preparations
  • DSA Preparations
  • Traditional / Pop Music

Click here for the full rate chart. Other Chinese musical instrument lessons are available as well, click here now.

Why Choose Us?

Eight Tones Music School is pleased to announce that students enrolled in our Erhu classes have a 100% examination pass rate. With Erhu classes available throughout the week, our students leave happy and satisfied, well aware of their weekly progress.

With a wealth of teaching experience in Singapore, our Erhu teachers have been trained to conduct fun and engaging Erhu lessons and will bring you to greater heights.

We understand that with demanding schedules and new challenges arising every day, sometimes you may not be able to make it for Erhu lessons. We offer a flexible schedule – where you will not be penalised so long as you provide us with ample notice that you are unable to attend the scheduled Erhu class.

Eight Tones Music School is well – equipped to meet every musician’s need. Our studios are acoustically optimised for the best acoustics to bring out the best tones in your Erhu. For you to enjoy your lesson thoroughly, each individual studio is climate controlled for comfort and utmost enjoyment. The School is well equipped with many Erhu specialised teaching materials and Erhu score library for you to find your favourite scores. Our teachers will teach you how to maintain the instrument, such as tuning, rosin the bow and changing strings. We strive to teach each student to be independent in this aspect.

Erhu Lessons and Instrument Bundle

Erhu Lessons Bundle

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Located on the fringes of the Singapore Central Business District, outside the restricted zone, we are conveniently located a stone’s throw away from Lavender MRT. You can reach Eight Tones Music School easily via the Expressways. (Nicoll Highway, Marine Coast Expressway, East Coast Parkway, Ayer Rajah Expressway and Central Expressway)

Performance Opportunities

We have annual student concerts and collaborations where you will be able to perform, mingle and interact with other Erhu students and other instrument players such as Guzheng, Dizi and more, leading to a further exchange of skills and musicality. Performance opportunities allows students to gain insight into performing in front of an audience and conquer stage fright. Furthermore, these avenues for friendly performances allow each student to develop and express their musical talent.

Students may voluntarily participate if they wish to do so as it is not compulsory.

On Your First Erhu Lesson

Our teacher will discuss your goals and expectations with you and design a suitable course curriculum, be it for leisure, foundation building or examinations.

If you do not have an Erhu and would like to buy from our store, we will help you to pick an instrument which is most suited to you.

Our teacher will discuss your goals and expectations with you. If you would like to expand your repertoire, build on your foundation amongst many others, our teachers will design a suitable course curriculum for you.

It would be beneficial for you to bring your instrument to Erhu lesson as the familiarity will aid in your learning.

Benefits Of Learning Erhu

The Erhu can help to develop the connection between left and right brain because the left hand and right hand has a total different motion.

  • Improves Memory and Attention Span Sight reading and learning new songs will engage parts of your brain which control one’s attention span, ability to make predictions and improve memory retention. Read more here.
  • Improves Cognitive skills There are more than 40 notes on the Erhu with numerous rhythmic patterns. A variety of brain functions are utilised, resulting in an improvement of concentration, making learning easier. This helps in the development of cognitive skills.
  • Improves Analytical skills During your Erhu lesson, you will learn how to sight-read quickly as well as listen and organise information, which encourages problem solving. One’s analytical and reading skills improve as a result.


The below is based on NAFA (CCOM) Instrumental Erhu Examination (click here for the NTU – TENG examination structure)

Grade 1 – 田园春色, 箫, 凤阳花鼓, 迷胡小曲, 西藏舞曲, 长城谣

Grade 2 – 小花鼓, 黄水谣, 沂蒙山小调, 窗音, 快樂的校园, 春雨

Grade 3 – 山村变了样, 良宵 (除夜小唱), 赛马, 喜唱丰收, 拉駱驼, 新农

Grade 4 – 光明行, 奔驰在千里草原, 喜送公糧, 赶集, 北京有个金太阳

Grade 5 – 翻身歌, 空山鸟语, 烛影摇红, 陕北抒怀, 流波曲

Grade 6 – 葡萄熟了, 江南春色, 月夜, 江河水, 听松

Grade 7 – 春诗, 豫北叙事曲, 草原新牧民, 洪湖人民的心愿

Grade 8 –  秦腔主题随想曲, 三门峡畅想曲, 二泉映月, 病中吟

Grade 9 –  一枝花, 蓝花花叙事曲, 新婚别, 长城随想 (二胡协奏曲主旋律谱)

Diploma – 阳光照耀着塔什库尔干, 第一二狂想曲, 流浪者之歌, 贵妃情

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, click here

Yes, our teachers will teach you how to play the Erhu right from the very beginning, score reading, basic techniques to solo performances and exams.

Everyone is encouraged to learn music. It is never too late; you are never too old to learn Chinese music instruments. We have Erhu students in their 60’s and 70’s who have made great progress and successfully learnt how to play the Erhu well. Speak to our friendly staff for more information.

Our Erhu lesson schedules are flexible. Most students come for lessons weekly so that they have sufficient time to consolidate and practice bowing and fingering techniques for their next lesson. If you see the need to come more frequently or for extended durations, we are able to accommodate to your needs.

We recommend individual lessons, 1 student to 1 teacher. This is so that you will have the undivided attention of the teacher and a higher quality of learning.

Lessons can be taught individually or in groups of not more than 4. However, the groups have to be formed on your own, with a minimum of 2 students.

Our teachers are able to speak both English and Chinese proficiently.

You will be taught by the same Erhu teacher from beginning till end. However, in the event you request to change teachers, this can be done.

Yes, our teachers can teach both English and Chinese pop songs. However, do let us know in advance so our teachers can prepare the necessary teaching materials.

You can purchase an instrument at our school. Our teachers are adept with Erhu knowledge, able to tell the difference between woods, snakeskin and their various grades and are in the best position to advice you on purchasing an Erhu best suited for you based on your needs, budget and physiology.

You are welcome to bring your Erhu to lesson. However, if you find it inconvenient to do so, there are practice instruments to use during your lesson.

Trial lessons are offered one time per instrument and to be paid after lesson. If you are unavailable to come for trial lesson, you will have to inform the school within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in a prepaid trial lesson for your next booking.

The mode of payment we accept are cash, NETS, cheque, PayNow and bank transfer.

Sign up for our Erhu lessons today by clicking here to contact us!

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