Erhu Group Lessons

Please note that Erhu group lessons has been suspended since 28th January 2020 due to COVID-19.

Are you on a budget but yet want to try out the erhu? Want to play the erhu with a group of like-minded friends? Then our Erhu Group lessons are perfect for you! Our erhu classes are designed for adults and youths who range from beginners with no music background to intermediate players.

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Small Classes, Best Value

At Eight Tones Music, we keep our Erhu classes small, you would expect 5 to 15 fellow erhu enthusiasts to 1 -2 friendly teachers in your erhu class. Our specialised curriculum is unique to Eight Tones Music, will enable you to learn new song every week, (That’s 52 songs a year!) and also keep your playing technique in-check.
Fret not, if you are a first-timers or a complete beginner as you will get a dedicated teacher for the first couple of lessons to bring your up to speed.

What To Expect: Lessons At A Glance


  • $90 for 4 Erhu group lessons package per person or $160 for 8 Erhu group lessons package per person


  • Beginner to Intermediate

Class Schedule

  • Every Tuesday 7pm-9pm


  • Eight Tones Music School Ensemble room
    465 North Bridge Road #02-30 S(191465)


  • 15

*Limited Slots. Classes are Filling Fast.

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Erhu Group Lessons

Come and experience the fun, joy and togetherness of learning to play the erhu in a group. Learning to play the Erhu in a group is enjoyable, stress-free & and highly cost-effective – without breaking the bank.

Because the cost of learning is ‘split up and shared’ with your fellow Erhu enthusiasts.

No grading examinations are required to go for in our erhu classes.

Instead, you will be learning a mixture of classic Erhu pieces, Chinese and English pop songs, various folk songs, and many more!

You will be taught, hand-held and mentored by our professional team of Award-Winning Erhu teachers, with years of teaching experience.

By learning to play the Erhu at Eight Tones, you can expect to get only the Best Value, Mentorship and make the most out of your time here!

Meet and connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about the erhu, learn from and help each other, you can expect to learn various tips and few cool tricks – you’ll be proud of – on the Erhu! 

At Eight Tones Music, we always keep our Erhu classes small so that every student including yourself gets a good amount of attention from our teachers so you can keep up.

Also, this encourages learning discussions and sharing amongst fellow Erhu enthusiasts, and teachers.

Join and be part of an exclusive community of Erhu enthusiasts, along with instruction from our friendly instructors, the whole class can come together to play and perform as an Erhu ensemble, and with your newly-found ensembles skills, you can join and play in any Chinese orchestra with ease!

Erhu Group Lessons In A Fun, All-Inclusive Environment

We build an all-inclusive environment during group lessons where everyone learns & progresses together in a structured but light-hearted, happy & healthy fashion.

You will get to meet new friends and interact with people from all walks of life – different age groups, backgrounds & experiences.

At Eight Tones, we recognize that different people learn at different rates. Having taught Erhu for more than 7 years (counting), we deeply understand how it feels, as students do their best to learn & keep up.

That is why our Professional, Experienced home-grown music teachers make it a point to give more attention to students who need help keeping up, so that they can quickly join those who are learning faster.

At the same time, to ensure everyone gets as much value as possible from each lesson, there is a fixed curriculum of pieces our teachers would want to go through each week.

Due to the nature of group lessons, learning is less intense, hence there is less emphasis on perfecting Erhu playing techniques to a professional / soloist level. These aspects include things such as bowing & fingering techniques etc..

*Limited Slots & Our Classes Are Filling up Fast.

Contact us now to Register Your Slot Today.

*For students who wish to upgrade & perfect their skills to professional, soloist-level, you’ll want to enrol in our Individual 1-to-1 Erhu Lessons, where our teachers go in-depth into the techniques, musicality & detailed expression of each Erhu Music piece. 


小星星,茉莉花,南泥湾,紫竹调,南泥湾,男儿当自强, 萧, 凤阳花鼓,良宵,瑶族舞曲,二泉映月,梁祝,黄水谣 and many other exciting songs!

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, if you would like to take grading examinations, we would suggest that you take individual erhu lessons

Instruments will be provided during erhu lessons, however you are encouraged to have an instrument at home to practice, so as to make your erhu lessons more effective.

Surely! Should you have your own erhu we would highly recommend that you bring it along for lessons if possible

At Eight Tones Music, we would still provide you with the course material from the erhu lessons that you have missed. If you would like to make up for the lessons you have missed, you could schedule inidivual erhu lessons with our friendly instructors

You could schedule individual erhu lessons to bring you up to speed with the erhu class. With 1 – 1 erhu lessons with our teachers, you would surely be able to catchup with your fellow erhu classmates.

Trial lessons are offered one time per instrument and to be paid after lesson. If you are unavailable to come for trial lesson, you will have to inform the school within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in a prepaid trial lesson for your next booking.

Contact us if you have anymore questions

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