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**COVID-19 update from Ministry Of Education (25/3): The Dizi lessons are now available only for adults. Find out more here.**

Dizi is one of the top 3 most popular at Eight Tones Music School. The Dizi has a clear and vibrant sound, producing a well projected effect when played. Our Dizi teachers are well-equipped to teach students of all ages and different learning abilities. They are skillful and Dizi lessons are well thought out, depending on your prerequisites. You will be taught the fundamentals and make your foray into the world of Chinese Instruments with the DiziNo prior background is needed for you to start your Dizi lessons. 

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What Is Dizi?

The dizi (Chinese: 笛子; pinyin: dízi), is a Chinese flute, a wind instrument dating back to 7000 BC. The Dizi as we know it today was revolutionised during the Tang Dynasty, the Dizi is made of a thin hollowed bamboo with holes cut into it. The Dizi unlike other flutes, has a thin membrane pasted over one of its sound holes so as to enhance the instrument vibrations and harmonic range. This gives the Dizi its characteristic sound that we all so love.

Why Learn Dizi?

  • Small and portable
  • Bright Tone colour
  • Loud Sounding
  • Versatile with Chinese folk ornaments

Our Dizi teachers

Our Singaporean Dizi teachers can teach Dizi in a focused yet enjoyable manner. With hands on experience, they are experienced in choosing the right Dizi for you. Smaller hands require smaller Dizi, just as how bigger hands require bigger Dizis. They will be able to tell apart the various grades of bamboo, craftsmanship to pick the Dizi of good value for you.

*Trial lesson is chargeable one-time at $40

Teaching Methods/Pedagogy

At Eight Tones Music School, our teachers are able to work with students of all ages and abilities. We take pride in teaching and ensure every student leaves each lesson with a sense of fulfilment. Be it for leisure, learning the basics, building a solid foundation or intensive examinations preparations, Eight Tones is the place to go to learn Dizi in Singapore.

We teach at your speed. Our Dizi students in their 50’s have successfully mastered the Dizi and is able to blow beautiful tunes.

If you have never played an instrument before, you can still play the Dizi. Our dedicated teachers will guide you. Take baby steps and make improvements with each passing day.

Our Dizi teachers will guide you step by step, work on your breathing techniques, shape of your embouchure (lips), regulate breathing and phrases so that you are able to pass with flying colours.

Dizi Lesson

Individual lessons starting from
SGD 40 Per lesson
  • Grading Exams Preparations
  • DSA Preparations
  • Traditional / Pop Music
Click here for the full rate chart. Other Chinese instrumental lessons are available as well, click here to have a look.

Why Choose Us?

Eight Tones Music School is pleased to announce that we have a 100% pass rate. With more than 250 lessons conducted weekly, our students leave happy and satisfied, well aware of their progress.

With the complexities that come with everyday life, we know that your musical enjoyment has to give way to life’s demands. Rest assured for you can reschedule your lesson to a different timing, as long as you give us ample notice.

Eight Tones Music School is modern, clean and well-furnished. Our studios are acoustically optimised for the best acoustics. For you to enjoy your lesson thoroughly, each individual studio is climate controlled for comfort and utmost enjoyment. The School is well equipped with teaching materials and our own score library resources for you to find your favourite scores.

Located on the fringes of the Central Business District, outside the restricted zone, we are conveniently located a stone’s throw away from Lavender MRT. You can reach Eight Tones Music School easily via the Expressways. (Nicoll Highway, Marine Coast Expressway, East Coast Parkway, Ayer Rajah Expressway and Central Expressway)

Dizi Lessons and Instrument Bundle

Lessons and Instrument Bundle

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Performance Opportunities

The availability of student concerts held annually for performance opportunities help students to mingle and communicate with each other, exchange skills and musicality. Such avenues to perform help students gain insight into performing on stage which helps conquer stage fright. Such avenues of friendly performances help the individual to nurture and bring out your inner musician.

Students may voluntarily participate, this is not compulsory.

On Your First Dizi Lesson​

Expect to have a chat with your teacher on what to expect learning the Dizi.
Your teacher will create a curriculum just for you.
If you want to purchase an instrument, the Dizi teacher will be able to advise you.

Your teacher will speak with you to better understand your situation.
If you would like to improve your skills, rework your foundation, level up to a professional level, all that can be done.
If you want to bring your dizi to class, feel free to do so.
If you would like to purchase one, you may do so at our store

Benefits Of Guzheng Lessons

  • Improves Memory and Attention Span Learning how to play during Dizi class engages parts of your brain which control one’s attention span, ability to make predictions and improve memory retention. Read more here.
  • Stimulates creativity Dizi comes in various lengths, sizes and pitches. Hear your favourite tunes like never before. The various lengths, sizes and pitches of the Dizi will colour your favourite tunes beyond your expectation. Get creative with the Dizi!  
  • Improves Analytical skills When learning the Dizi, listen to your playing and read music. Train yourself to think quickly on the spot so as to play the right note at the right turn.


The below is based on NAFA (CCOM) Instrumental Dizi Examination (click here for the NTU – TENG examination structure)

Grade 1 – 康定情歌, 老六板, 凤阳花鼓, 嘎达梅林, 八段锦, 浏阳河

Grade 2 – 采茶扑蝶, 茉莉花, 紫竹调, 苏武牧羊, 小开门, 句句双

Grade 3 – 龙虎斗, 金蛇狂舞, 花好月圆, 高山青, 一枝梅, 黄水谣

Grade 4 – 卖菜, 小放牛, 欢乐歌, 赶路, 我是一个兵

Grade 5 – 姑苏行, 塔塔尔族舞曲, 扬鞭催马运糧忙, 列車奔向北京, 水乡船歌

Grade 6 – 五梆子, 喜相逢, 陕北好, 行街, 收割

Grade 7 – 牧民新歌, 草原巡邏兵, 牧笛, 早晨

Grade 8 –  帕米尔的春天, 春到湘江, 秦川抒怀, 鹧鸪飞

Grade 9 –  三五七, 鹧鸪飞, 幽蘭逢春, 秦川情

Diploma – 幽兰逢春, 秋蝶恋花, 绿洲, 箛, 梆笛协奏曲

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, click here

You can learn the Dizi even without a background in music.

No. The Dizi is easy to master. Have a chat with our staff to learn more.

It is flexible and we can accommodate to your schedule. Most students take weekly lessons with us.

We do both individual and group lessons. However, we recommend individual lessons, 1 student to 1 teacher.

Group lessons are taught; however, groups have to be formed on your own. Kindly note that group lessons are limited to a maximum of 4 students.

More information on our teachers can be found bu clicking here

Our teachers are able to speak both English and Mandarin well.

Yes, however, if you wish to switch teachers, this can be arranged.

Sure, our teachers are able to teach English and Chinese pop and jazz.

You can purchase a Dizi at our music school. Your teacher will be able to advise you to purchase a suitable one.

Trial dizi lessons are offered one time per instrument and to be paid after lesson. If you are unavailable to come for trial lesson, you have to inform the school within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in a prepaid trial lesson for your next booking.

Mode of payment we accepted are cash, NETS, cheque, PayNow and bank transfer.

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