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Purchasing an instrument is surely a consideration that will cross you when learning a Chinese instrument. Here at eight tones, not only do teach Chinese instruments, we have a whole store dedicated to retailing Chinese instruments and accessories

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Eight Tones Music store has a full range of Chinese instruments and a complete list of accessories for Chinese instruments. From erhu to guqin, to pipa, guzheng, dizi, zhongruan and more, we will surely have the instrument that you need.

Instrument accessories include things from carrying bags and flight cases, strings and rosins, to music stands, metronomes and tuners, you can get them all at eight tones.

Quality and Assurance

Being musicians ourselves, we know the pains of performing on an instrument that is shy of perfection. Each and every instrument we sell has been selected by an instrumentalist in the respective instrument. E.g. An Erhu teacher would only select erhus, and not other instruments. This is to assure that each instrument that you would have purchased has gone through and thorough and rigorous selection process, to ensure that you would have the best in its class, and not a subpar instrument

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Service And Repairs

As the years pass, and you feel that your music instrument would benefit from a clean-up, or even a complete overhaul, at Eight Tones, we are well-equipped with our own workshop and panel of in-house luthiers who would be able to bring your instrument back to life, or even make modifications to enhance its performance.

Testing Out Instruments

Every instrument is unique, even those in the same class, the same model, and same make.

Here at Eight Tones, you would be able to test the sound and the touch of the very same instrument that you would be bringing home, just to give yourself the extra assurance that you would be getting exactly what you want.

Dizi lesson at Eight Tones Music School - Teacher Wei Xuan

Instrumental Lessons Bundle

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Request for Photos/Videos Sample

In the event that you are unable to come down personally to test out our instruments, you can contact us, and our knowledgeable staff would be able to send you recordings and closeups of the music instrument or your choice.

Which Chinese Instrument Is For Me

If you are unsure which instrument is suitable for you, do contact us if your concerns, you could include points like your any sort of music background, physical challenges, personal dislikes for certain tones, vegan options (Some instruments are made using animal parts), and more.


Should you have an old instrument you would like to trade-in for a new one, do send in some photos, and we could give you assement

Deliveries And Postage

We provide free local delivery for instruments above $500. International postage is available.

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