Chinese Instrumental Lessons

You’re never too old or too young to learn an instrument. Our team will tailor the chinese music lessons to fit the needs of each and every individual.

Goals for the Chinese Instrument lessons

  • Just for leisure
  • Chinese Instrumental Grading Exams
    - NTU Confucius Institute Exams,
    - NAFA Central Conservatory of Music
  • MEP “O”/” A” Levels Examinations, ​
  • Direct School Admissions

We have various curriculum from children to adults. Updates on your progress will also be sent to you on a periodic basis so that you can track your progress.

We offer both group classes as well as individual classes. Join our Chinese Instrumental Course today! 

Chinese instrumental courses available


GradeLesson Duration (individual)Lesson Rates
1 – 345minsS$40
4 – 645minsS$50
4 – 660minsS$60
7 – 8/960minsS$75

*Different rates apply, contact us now to find out more!

Chinese Music Instruments Graded Examinations

The Teng Academy - Confucius Institute Nanyang Technologcal University

Local examination that is recognized and accepted by academic and fine arts institutions in Singapore and abroad. Sixteen instruments available for examinations.

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) - Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing (CCOM)

Central Conservatory of Music grading exam (Established in 1949), held locally by NAFA since 1991, an international certificate program.

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