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**Directive from Ministry of Education: With effect from 26/3/2020, 2359 to 30/4/2020 all children up to pre-university programmes are suspended, please check out our measures by clicking here. Our retail store and adult music lessons are still running.**

Music is fun to learn and also plays a crucial role in your child’s development, helping to reduce stress and release their emotional creativity. 1 

Children Chinese Music Instrument Lessons
Having a preschool music education in Chinese music encourages your children who speak English as their main language to learn their mother tongue, ensuring that they do not fall behind their peers, and is also a fun way to expose them to traditional Chinese culture. In addition, exposure to music education in the early years has been proven to boost confidence and nurture your child’s social and emotional development.
At Eight Tones Music, we believe in nurturing student’s early years of music development, and provide a whole range of music lessons for children. Be it a newfound passion, or extra foundation for their co-curricular activities, we are here to provide professional guidance to ensure that students are on the right track.

Our Expertise

With unrivaled experience in preschool music education, our specially curated programme will not only help our students to develop musical skills and gain knowledge about Chinese instruments, but also enjoy music-making through our INTERACTIVE and FUN lessons! Lessons may be conducted in groups or individuals, and no prior music background is needed.

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Our Recommendations

The optimal age for starting on your child’s preschool music education would be between 4-10 years old, during the period of time when the child’s mind and fine motor skills are most malleable. It is also after the age of four that most children would be able to physically handle the size of an instrument. We recommend for children under the age of 5 to start with Guzheng lessons as the other instruments might be too heavy for them to hold and manoeuvre. 

Children who are above the age of 6 or are more than 120 centimetres tall would be more suited to starting on instruments such as the Erhu, Zhongruan/Liuqin, and Dizi. It is recommended that only children above the age of 9 years old play the Pipa and Guqin, due to the size and weight of the instruments.

If you are unsure of which Chinese instrument is best suited for your child, you can join our FUN and INTERACTIVE workshop by clicking here to find out more.

Neuroscience studies have proven that learning music in the early years of schooling helps children learn to read.2

Here at Eight Tones Music, we offer a wide variety of tailor-made music lessons for children. Studies have shown that music education in the early years can have positive effects on child development cognitively, emotionally, and behaviourally, equipping them with qualities that can see them through life. Children who have music lessons generally score better in their academic examinations.

Children who have a deep interest in music can benefit from an early start, as one’s fine motor abilities and ear for music are far more malleable in the early years, paving the way for instrumental mastery.

Goal Setting For Our Lessons

  • Just for leisure
  • Chinese Instrumental Grading Exams
    - NTU Confucius Institute Exams,
    - NAFA Central Conservatory of Music
  • MEP “O”/” A” Levels Examinations
  • Direct School Admissions
  • Chinese Orchestra Auditions

Eight Tones Music believes in a child-led approach to music education, and seeks to serve the learning needs and abilities of each and every child.

Your child may opt to play an instrument for leisure, as a means of enriching her own life and scope of interests. We believe in keeping music education fun and simple. Chinese instruments are relatively simple to learn, versatile and can even play cool pop music.

Most children would want to keep their music learning journey simple and stress-free, however in cases whereby it is necessary to gauge one’s own level and progress, it is possible to sign up for Chinese instrumental grading exams. For students who are interested, Eight Tones Music School recommends either the NTU Confucius Institute Exams or the NAFA Central Conservatory of Music Exams. Grading examinations will help if your child wants to DSA into the secondary school of her choice.

Do note that Grading examinations may induce some levels of stress on your child, so take it slowly if necessary to keep a healthy level of stress.

Our Event For KIDS at SCO Young Children's Concert

Our partnership with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra: Concert Link

As your child moves into her secondary school or pre-tertiary years, musical studies and Chinese instrumental performance can also be incorporated into the MEP “O” or “A” levels programme, or enrol in a school with an IB programme offering music as an examinable subject.

We do not recommend overemphasizing grading examinations or music academic programmes without first finding out children’s own personal interests. It is important to keep children interested in what they LOVE about music and keep it fun.

Communication and goal setting is vital in effective learning. By helping us to understand your learning objectives, our teachers will tailor the courses to suit the learning needs of different students. Click here to book your trial music lesson now!

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