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Receive an instrument cashback when you sign up for a bundle with us now!

Our bundles are designed for you to get your money’s worth. We have designed 2 types of packages (lessons package & Bundle) especially for our students. The second being the Instrument Bundle, designed for those who would like to explore the idea of playing the Erhu, Guzheng or Dizi. The budding musician without the instrument can pick up a variety of instruments of various grades here at our shop. Our instruments are made to order, customised, and rejected upon inspection if they fail to meet our standards. Our standards meaning, we go above and beyond, ensuring the instruments we sell here at Eight Tones Music School are attractive enough for our music teachers to purchase them for their personal use. Unrestrictive in nature, our lesson bundles and packages encourage students to exercise your creativity, hone your own music style and expressions with your very own instrument.

Classic BUNDLE

3 Months (12 Lessons)
$ 80
Instrument Cashback
  • Instant Cashback
  • No GST, No hidden Fees
  • No Deposit Required
  • 6 Months Expiry
  • $0 Accessories Voucher

Premium Bundle

6 Months (24 Lessons)
$ 160
Instrument Cashback
  • Instant Cashback
  • No GST, No hidden Fees
  • No Deposit Required
  • 12 Months Expiry
  • $10 Accessories Voucher

Deluxe Bundle

9 Months (36 Lessons)
$ 240
Instrument Cashback
  • Instant Cashback
  • No GST, No hidden Fees
  • No Deposit Required
  • 18 Months Expiry
  • $20 Accessories Voucher

The instrument voucher can only be used to purchase the instrument of selected course.
The voucher can only be used in whole.
No refund shall be given for remaining amount, and is transferable only with admin fees
Terms and conditions apply. For more information, Contact Us

Instrumental individual lessons starting from $40 per 45 minutes lesson, check out the full table here

Classic Bundle

Our Classic Bundle ensures you receive 12 lessons, to be used within 3 months with a $80 cashback on the instrument you purchase here at Eight Tones Music School. Our starting prices for the Dizi starts at $120, which means you pay $40 for a Dizi. Purchase an Erhu and you pay $600 for 12 lessons and an Erhu. If you think it doesn’t get any better than that, check out our Premium Bundle next.

Premium Bundle

Our Premium bundle consists of 6 months’ worth of lessons (24 lessons) and $160 Instrument Cashback. When you purchase 24 lessons with us, you are entitled to a $160 Instrument Cashback. That means you can purchase a Grade A Guzheng worth $850 and pay only $690. Text your friends and share this deal exclusive only to Eight Tones Music School students.

Deluxe Bundle

Hailed as the King of all packages, our deluxe bundle is designed to bring out the best musician in you. Perfect for your music commitments, hone your musicality, learn skills, pick up techniques, turn your art into a skill, something you’re proud of with the help of the Deluxe Bundle.

We recommend Dizi students take the classic bundle for the first instrument. You will be paying $40 for a Dizi. Yes, you heard that right. $40 for a Dizi. You pay $520 for 12 lessons and a Dizi. If you plan to pursue a higher level of Dizi in the long term, you can purchase the classic bundle a few times so that you can purchase multiple Dizis.

If you wish to purchase a higher grade Dizi, prices start from $280 onwards.

We recommend Erhu students take the premium bundle. The lowest grade Erhu costs $200. You can get $160 off the Erhu and pay $40 for an Erhu. If your budget permits, you can consider purchasing a higher-grade Erhu starting at $650.

We recommend the Premium bundle for Guzheng students. Prices begin at $650 onwards. This means your Guzheng costs $490. The Deluxe Bundle for the Guzheng will only set you back by $360 for the cost on the instrument.

A good Guzheng will take you to higher grades without having to repurchase one. This saves space as the Guzheng is rather big in size, time and money in the long run.

With 9 Months to complete 36 lessons and a $240 Instrument Cashback, essentially you get unlimited access to Guqin lessons without having to worry about your monthly expenses as you have already prepaid for lessons for the next 6 months. The $240 Instrument Cashback gives you a further advantage as you can purchase that $2500 Guqin made of top-quality blackwood for just $2260. The bigger the commitment, the more effort you will put into playing well. What a great incentive!

Zhongruan lesson at Eight Tones Music School - Teacher Jonathan

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