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Programme Director, Ms. Jon Lin Chua is a revered musician with experience teaching and composing music. With plenty of experience under belt, she will be able to tailor lessons specially just for you, based on your learning abilities and help you to be more equipped to tackle the various components in the non-practical aspect of the Music Elective Programme Examination (MEP).

Music at an academic level can be demanding, taxing and challenging. With high standards to meet, it is not easy to satisfy the demands of the Singapore Music Elective Programme (MEP). A complex activity demanding detailed knowledge, our teachers will be able to help with theory, music writing and music research. Music papers we provide are current and up to date, in accordance with the MEP syllabus provided by MOE. This extends to IB Music as well. IB students need not worry as our IB music lessons will be conducted by our skilful teachers.

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‘O’ level Music / Music Elective Programme (MEP)

Components covered include: O-Level Music (EMP and MEP)

‘O’ Level Music, ‘O’ Level Higher Music, Music Elective programme, share the same general syllabus. The syllabus can be found here(Insert syllabus). The only difference is that in Music Elective Programme (MEP), and ‘O’ Level Music there is an Additional Study which we would also cover during classes

$100 per 1 hour lesson
Individual lessons only
Syllabus for ‘O’ level Music
Syllabus for ‘O’ level Higher Music / Music Elective Programme (MEP)

Lesson objectives:

  • Explain in detail, and make sure you understand the various concepts and theories in the MEP syllabus.
  • Prepare and train your Aural skills, which is key for scoring well in the unprepared listening, and analysis sections in the MEP written paper. We would also conduct aural practices for all topics in the unprepared listening and analysis sections.
  • Hone your essay writing technique, score in your music studies component by using the correct format and keywords.
  • We will teach you music composition as well as review your own compositions. We teach you how to write for the prescribed lyrics with various orchestrations, and instruments.
  • Mind maps as will as notes will be given on how to memorise the information, as well as apply your knowledge into answering the questions

‘A’ level Music H2 (MEP)

H2 Music Writing
$120 per 1 hour lesson
Individual lessons only
Syllabus for ‘A’ level Music H2

International Baccalaureate (IB) Music

Components covered include:
Music Perception, Music writing, Essay writing
$120 per 1 hour lesson
Individual lessons only
Syllabus for International Baccalaureate (IB) Music

* Should the need to learn a second instrument or accompaniment by an ensemble is need, we are able to make such arrangements.

Listening Paper

The listening paper encompasses a wide scope of musical knowledge, spanning across the areas of music theory, music analysis, aural skills, music history, as well as performance practices and stylistic traits in various musical cultures. Due to the wide array of skills required to excel in this portion of the MEP examinations, the listening paper is extremely challenging and difficult to score on.  To meet the varied demands of the listening paper, our team comprises of music professionals with immense knowledge and teaching experience within each of these fields, as well as close knowledge of the SEAB syllabus. We will tailor a course plan to suit the needs of each individual student.


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Why choose us?

Academic tuition provided by Eight Tones Music School allows an intense training in music theory and practical playing. You will learn how to avoid commonly made mistakes, in addition to acquiring in-depth knowledge of music theory which will allow you to better improvise when necessary. This is increasingly a key skill in exam setting conditions where are graded based on your performance in front of a panel of invigilators. Quick thinking is essential for success in such situations.

We understand that with demanding schedules and new challenges arising every day, sometimes you may not be able to make it for academic tuition. We offer a flexible schedule, just let us know early!

Eight Tones Music School is well–equipped to meet every musician’s need. . For you to enjoy your lesson thoroughly, each individual studio is climate controlled for comfort and utmost enjoyment.

Located just outside the Singapore Central Business District, you can reach Eight Tones Music School easily via the Expressways. (Nicoll Highway, Marine Coast Expressway, East Coast Parkway, Ayer Rajah Expressway and Central Expressway) We are a 5 minute walk away from Lavender MRT.

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