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In-lieu of the current COVID-19 situation, Eight Tones Management would like to exercise all our students and teachers to take greater caution to ensure the health and well-being.

**Latest Update from Ministry of Education: all lessons that involve persons under the age of 21, and persons who are in pre-university will not be able to come for lessons. with effect from 26/3/2020, 2359H to 30/4/2020**

Adult music lessons are still available for persons above the age of 21 and completed pre-university.

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Founded in 2014, Eight Tones Music School was established by local musicians of Singapore who play extensively in Chinese orchestras. At Eight Tones Music School, you will receive specialized Chinese orchestra instrument lessons or other related courses for all abilities and ages.

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Monday-Friday: 12:30pm - 8:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am - 6:00pm

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465 North Bridge Road, #02-5039, Singapore 191465
Phone: +65 9836 2072
Email: contact@eight-tones.com.sg

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