Children’s Music Lessons

Music plays a crucial role in a child’s development, helping to strengthen their cognitive and motor abilities. Learning Chinese Music at an early age exposes children who speak English as the main language to their families to learn their mother...

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About Us

Established in 2014, Eight Tones was founded by local Singaporean musicians, for musicians. Eight Tones Music offers specialized curriculums that are extensively thought out by accomplished musicians in their respective fields so as to bring out the...

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My pipa teacher at eight tones is patient and engaging. Learning my first instrument with him is easy and classes with him are always something to look forward to!

Xuan Hui

The teaching team at eight tones helped me score A1 with distinction for my O Level higher music examinations, and made the process very engaging and enjoyable.


The lessons at Eight Tones Music School are fun and engaging. Lessons have never been a chore but something to look forward to! Now, I even make my own Erhu covers on YouTube!


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You’re never too old or too young to learn an instrument. Our team will tailor the lessons to fit the needs of each and every individual....

Pop Instrumental

Fancy playing your favourite pop music tunes on a Chinese Instrument? Join our Pop Music Course for adults and youths...

Theory Courses

Music theory is the study of concepts and structures within musical works.  A strong grounding in music theory is essential to...

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SCHEDULE Fri, 17 May, 10.30am and Sat, 18 May, 2.30pm & 5pmVENUE SCO Concert HallTICKET PRICE (BEFORE SISTC FEES): $37,…

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15 December 2018, 8pm SCO Concert Hall Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra Sketches of Qian Ling Zhu Jian Er Hong…

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24 Nov 2018 (Sat), 8pm SCO Concert Hall   Conductor: Moses Gay Morin Khuur: Jinshan Alatengwula Cello: Tang Jia Gallant…

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